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As it turns out...shoots his cum high into the air for them.

These dare submissions were sent in many years ago with a few that were more recent amd still stunning!

We provide for our Members, a brand new, original, CFNM update DAILY! It's a birthday party and the girls have a naked guy as the present.

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The girls are in awe and can't wait to see what Troy can do with his meat.

He then begins stroking his pendulous dick, Lucia can't help herself as she rises from her chair and approaches Troy.

Full dare descriptions can be found within her dare pages ...He gets shoved to the floor, falling hard on his ass. They demand he beat off and he's soon tugging his growing cock while the girls watch and comment.In the end the girls help out by jerking his cock and rubbing his swollen balls forcing him to spill his load.These three girls want to have a roulette party so they invite their hot male friend over to act as dealer.As the game progresses they figure out that he's a cheat and has been ripping them off. In an effort to teach him a lesson the ladies pull down his pants, leaving his bare butt on the cold tile floor and his cock exposed for all to see.

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