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"Jaime and her assistant were volunteering for a drug test. The story tells of hapless travelers, inexperienced in the wild ways of the outback, unwittingly running down a kangaroo while driving in the land Down Under.Believing that the carcass of a dead animal is the perfect addition to any travel photo, these tourists dress up the pouchy beast with an assortment of gear.Jamie Pressly's fight with Estella Warren in Hollywood on Friday (April 5, 2013) appears to have started over a stolen cell-phone.Pressly, of My Name is Earl fame, was enjoying herself at a birthday party in Los Angeles, until her assistant's phone went missing, leading to a nasty confrontation with Warren, 42.While traveling through the Outback, they dress up a road-kill kangaroo in sunglasses and Anderson's "lucky jacket" for a few laughs and a few silly snapshots to send back home.But the not-really-dead 'roo springs to life, scaring the bejezus out of the guys, then hopping off into the wilderness, still wearing the jacket -- which holds the 50 large in its pockets.Another source said Pressly and her assistant discovered that the phone had gone missing at the original party location, though used the "find my phone" application to track it down.Strangely, it tracked it to hotspot Bootsy Bellows, where Warren and several other guests including Zac Efron and Adam Lambert were continuing the celebrations.

Once inside the storm, our hero is sucked into a wormhole that turns his helm dead and spits him out to crash land on a faraway world in the distant future where -- as if you didn't know -- a brutal, medieval society of evolved simians enslaves primitive humans as labor and pets.

I’m very pro-choice, but even though I was scared and thought I might be doing this by myself, I couldn’t imagine that would be a good option.

The worst part was that he cancelled on me by text an hour before a date! I also loved the story where the Nate Berkus crew comes to your house to film, and you have to hide your red vibrator. I thought, “I’m gonna walk down the street, and everyone’s gonna know my personal business!

With his roles in "Fargo," "Boogie Nights," "Magnolia" and "Panic," among other films, Macy has always made a lasting impression, but the actor has recently said he's done with good-hearted losers, and if that's the case, he's sure going out on a virtuoso high note with "The Cooler."Yes, nobody plays a rube as well as William H.

Macy, and Bernie Lootz is a rube of epic proportions -- a guy with such an aura of ill fortune that he makes his living at a declining Las Vegas casino, bringing bad luck to hot-streak gamblers.

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While Kangaroo Jack does deliver the fart jokes, bumps on the head, and anthropomorphized CGI animals necessary to keep kids interested, it never really delivers quality laughs or whimsy.

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